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A) I do not see any page for me to key in my measurements. How are my measurements going to be taken?
Our Mode Et Creation website only caters to existing customers who have visited our shop before. The reason behind this is so that we are able to accurately take your measurements to ensure that our finish products are of the best fit for you. Once you have visited our shop, we will then have a record of your measurements which we will use for your online purchases. If you are a new customer, please make an appointment and come down to see us in person first.

B) Do you do delivery? And if so how much is the cost of shipping?
At Mode Et Creation, if you order online we offer free delivery to any where in the world. You can also collect it from our shop directly if you wish, just indicate in your remarks when you are ordering.

C) How long will my order take?
For all orders it generally takes between 2 to 3 weeks from production to delivery to the order arriving at your address.

D) Do I require an account to look through the website?
No. All guests are more than welcome to look through our website and browse through the range of customisations that we have to offer. However, you would need an account to purchase from our website and this requires you to be a pre-existing customer.

E) So how do I register and get an account if i am already an existing customer?
If you have visited our shop before, we would already have all of your details including your measurements and order history. Please drop us an email stating your full name, as well as the preferred email address that you would like to use for this website. Once we have verified your details, we will then email you with your account Login ID and Password. Please fill up your personal particulars during your first Login.

F) Can I get a refund on my orders after receiving it?
At Mode Et Creation, we have a no refund policy as the clothing we design are unique and customized to each customer. If there are any changes that you would like to make to your clothing after receiving your orders, you can drop by our shop where we will carry out any alterations for you free of charge.

G) Can I get a better picture of the materials shown?
While we try our best to accurately represent our materials in the images shown, we are not able to replicate 100% the colour, texture, and feel of our materials through images alone. If you would like a clearer picture of a particular material that you are interested in, please email us at contact@modeetcreation.com with the material code and the rough colour of the image you are looking at. We will then send you a larger sized photo of the material for you to view.

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