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Trip Advisor

I just got back from Singapore where I got a suit and some shirts made. I went to Mode Et Creation at the Far East Shopping Centre with Mr Anthony Tan. Anthony is a real gentleman, very soft sell, very easy going and very knowledgeable. I'm not a clothing expert but my suit and shirts fit great, the material is excellent, the value is fantastic and the service was amazing. I highly recommend Mode Et Creation. I know I'll buy there again.


AAA service ... Mr Anthony (owner) is very friendly. Totally no hard-sell at all.

I also found him via internet reviews and all have been good. Didn't think tailoring would be such an easy and smooth process.

After some chit-chat with him, I discovered that he has been in this line for 30 YEARS! and has worked with ZEGNA (even before they opened their S'pore outlet.) Till now, he still maintains top workmanship by doing the measurements, cutting and etc personally.

Only had to do 1 fitting session, easy peasy, save time save hassle. Got the suit for $600, shirt for $120.

Rates quite standard (depending on material chosen) but he will always offer you "cheap and good materials" unless you personally decide on the very expensive stuff =D


I had a suit and two shirts made in SIN when I was there last year. I got it at:

Mode et Creation Pte. Ltd.
Far East Shopping Centre (4th or 5th floor)
545 Orchard Road (next to the Hilton)
Anthony Tan
tel: 62353202

I was looking for a suit, and was tired of the pushy tailors that are on the 1st floor of most of the shopping centers. Reminds me of bar girls trying to get you into the bar. The tailor's name is Anthony. He does his own cuttings, but ships out the sewing. Two fittings and he delivered everything to our hotel. Great fitting suit and shirts. When I make it back to SIN, I'll purchase some more.
Trip Advisor

I was staying at a big hotel down near the water and took a taxi to the Far East Shopping Centre. I met Anthony in his fourth floor little shop. He makes the suits himself. I arrived SIN Monday night, visited him on Tues AM, and he will work to have the suits ready by Friday night. I fly back to the US on Sat AM. We'll do one fitting at my hotel.

Mode et Creation has no website and Tony does not do much e-mail business. But, he was low-pressure and clearly does the work himself.

Style Forum

The tailor is called Anthony Tan and he has a little shop on the 4th floor that you would never know about unless you were told about. I had read a positive comment about their suits and shirts on SF so I thought it would be worth checking out. As soon as i met Anthony he came across as a really nice honest guy who had been doing his thing for many years. There was no pressure towards any sort of styles or fabrics and he seemed quietly confident about it all which i liked. In the end I did settle for this tailor for purely emotional reasons...it felt right and he seemed like a good bloke. Since i have been back for fittings there has been a regular trickle of local customers also coming through the doors at the same time all relatively young looking for fully canvassed suits.
Trip Advisor

I followed a recommendation here for Mode et Creation, a small shop on the 4th floor of Far East Shopping Centre which is next door to the Hilton.

Anthony does good work and is well priced. He is also very friendly and not at all pushy. By default, he'll steer you to affordable but good quality fabrics; only if you insist will he pull out the higher-priced wools.

Last Saturday I phoned him to make another suit using a fabric I had preselected at that time, and I arrived this Sunday - normally his day off - met him and collected it. He also did a half-dozen shirts for me and several more pairs of pants.

I have not experienced the big "corporate" shops so can't compare, but for my taste, Anthony's low-key approach is perfect.

Last month, it was my first stop on a Friday morning in Singapore. Made a trip to Mode Et Creation at Far East Shopping Centre which was just beside the Hilton which I was staying at. He's on the 4th floor. Great selection of fabrics for suits & shirts. Had 3 shirts and 2 suit pants done for me to try on Sunday afternoon. Decided to take those with me and to add additional pants & shirt to the suit jacket which were being shipped. Everything else arrived to US within 3 weeks.

He does excellent work and I would highly recommend this tailor. In fact, as I was trying on the shirts and pants, my wife started jotting down id numbers for more shirts to order in the future. No games on pricing - upfront, honest and straightforward.

The suit and shirts I bought at Mode et Creation a couple of years ago are holding up well. When I go back to SIN this year, I'm stocking up. It's the little details in the workmanship that Anthony does, that makes his tailoring stand out.

I had a trip to Singapore and decided to check out Mode et Creation.

My experience with Anthony Tan was just as described above. No pressure, excellent advice, and a very good price quoted upfront. My main concern was my stay in Singapore got cut short and only had 5 days to complete the transaction. Anthony worked out a plan that fit my schedule. I even decided to upgrade to a better material (absolutely no pressure from Anthony.)

Due to my schedule, he measured me on a Saturday and came by my hotel for the fitting on Tuesday evening. Anthony said it would take a couple of weeks to complete the suit. I realize I was taking a risk in not having a second fitting and trusting the suit would show up on my doorstep a few weeks later, but everything worked out great.

I found a friend who agreed to deliver it, saving me the shipping fees. (Anthony even reminded my friend of the refund due.)

I can't compare Singapore tailors to Bangkok tailors, but I do recommend Anthony Tan.
Trip Advisor

I found Anthony's shop tucked quietly away last Saturday on the 4th Floor of the Far East Shopping Centre on Orchard Rd.

Anthony Tan is a quietly-spoken gentleman, who clearly knows his stuff. Not only can he talk about the cloth, but he correctly identified how off-the rack-jackets bunch behind my neck because of the way my shoulders naturally hang slightly forward. He's been making great gear on the same site for 31 years WITHOUT a website or print advertising.

After an amicable chat, he guided me through a range of fabric choices, based on what I wanted (He has acres of stunning Italian weave Australian wools, and Egyptian cottons, to chose from).

Anthony served a 3 year apprenticeship in London in the 1970's and returned to Singapore so 'overqualified', he went into business for himself -and never looked back.

Forget all the hype and spin, give quiet achiever Mr Anthony Tan at 'Mode et Creation' a call.
I just got back from Singapore where I got a suit and some shirts made. I went to Mode Et Creation at the Far East Shopping Centre with Mr Anthony Tan. Anthony is a real gentleman,......
Trip Advisor
AAA service ... Mr Anthony (owner) is very friendly. Totally no hard-sell at all.

I also found him via internet reviews and all have been good. Didn't think tailoring would be s......

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